Backpack Giveaway!

Ultra Violet Backpack Giveaway

Houston, we've got a GIVEAWAY!....

Entry Methods:
Want to win? Simply complete the Gleam entry methods above!

Winner Draw Date:
On or before August 12th 2019

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  • Girl!! I’m about to start school shopping and I know my 11yr old is gonna have me go through your items first haha! Honestly wish you had more tweeny stuff but I know she will make it work! Thanks for the opportunity at the giveaway!

    Chelsea on
  • Tiffy!!! I love your videos!!! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration!!!

    Summer on
  • Hi just wanted to say I’ve been a fan for a while, like when you used to play with LDShadowlady alot and did Enchanted Oasis and OneLife

    Ara on
  • I would really love to when i love your videos i love how your creative especially with zodiac signs I love the one where you did the Scorpion with the flowers it may not favorite number is 2 just like you said in the video I love you so much and I hope I win no matter what I will still love you and still watch your videos❤❤❤

    Josselyn on
  • I’ve never won a giveaway so if I win this I might just explode with happiness!! I dont want to waste your time by making you a read long paragraph so I just wanted to let you know your amazing and really inspiring and because of you I have the confidence to play games as a girl and also I LOVE YOU TIFFY!!!

    A hascupquake fan on

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