Minecraft Oasis Awakening

It's finally time... After 4 years, Minecraft Oasis is returning for Season 3!! I'm absolutely excited to finally share this series with you. A lot of work went into creating this series that would live up to the Oasis name. Below is a list of Resource Packs and Mods that are include in Minecraft Oasis: Awakening.

But before the list, I'd like to specially send a heartfelt thank you to MCProHosting.com. They created the mod pack, server and made a custom mod!

Resource Packs:


BSL+v7.1.03.1 - https://bitslablab.com/   



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  • Is there a way To download this map with you house and mods already on it?

    Madie on
  • One of the resource packs (Pulchra Revisited) link does not work. I was excited to get it but when I clicked the link it brought me to a page saying that the page was moved or deleted.

    Paige on
  • I’ve followed the channel since 2013 and was so excited about the revival of some minecraft on the channel. Does anyone know what happened to Oasis Awakening? I haven’t seen any videos in months and I hope it isn’t cancelled! I miss having minecraft content from one of my all-time favorite content creators!

    David Mills on
  • First of all, I am beyond thrilled to see this again. I remember when I was in elementary and middle school when I first starting watching this and your cloud 9 series. I am now graduating from high school and would love to play along. Is there a official modpack download instead of just downloading each individual mod? Or is there a official modpack on technic launcher? If not, you should make one!!!!

    Koda on
  • what is the seed to the world?

    matthew on

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