Welcome to the world of iHasCupquake! Here you will be entertained through the fun gameplay, nerdy interests and life updates of Tiffany (Cupquake) and her husband, Mario (Red)!

This unexpected adventure began when Tiffany was still in college. She first started submitting WoW gameplay tutorials to Machinima and also recorded exciting speed art videos (she went to school for art illustration, so it was the perfect match)!

Tiffany eventually launched a series called “The Art of Gaming”, which immediately set her apart from other channels on YouTube. Her decision to finally incorporate Minecraft onto her channel ultimately led to the speedy growth of iHasCupquake and also allowed Mario to leave his full-time job to join her.

Tiffany always aspired to be creative and found iHasCupquake to be the perfect outlet for constantly developing new ideas and content through her love of video games, such as DIY Geeky Goodies and Quake n Bake. Her passion for geek culture continues to inspire her projects, and together, Tiffany and Mario have slowly grown into a company with the help of their family and close friends. They are so thankful and appreciative of their fans each and every day for giving them the ability to do what they love for a living: spread happiness and positivity. Thank you for being a part of the journey!