Backpack Giveaway!

Ultra Violet Backpack Giveaway

Houston, we've got a GIVEAWAY!....

Entry Methods:
Want to win? Simply complete the Gleam entry methods above!

Winner Draw Date:
On or before August 12th 2019

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  • Awww man maybe next time! And also to all those saying I really hope I can win it it’ll mean the world to me it’s not going to help you win

    Sofo on
  • OMG Tiffany I love you videos I rlly hope i win and if you choose someone else congratulations to that person this was amazing giveaway and hope you enjoy the prize Stay sweet Tiffany

    Zoey on
  • I’m so sad that I couldn’t enter to win I’m going into 7th grade and I was hoping to enter today because i didn’t know about it and I need a new backpack and I’m starting school this wednesday
    Maybe she could still give me another chance to win plz

    Angela on
  • My daughter is very hyped for this giveaway. And now I know why, it offer items that my daughter yearns to use for her digital art. Though this isn’t something I can afford to buy her atleast I can try to provide her a chance to receive it. Theses supplies and backpack would also help me save money for her school supplies. Good luck to everyone participating and thank you for providing us a chance ot gain these prizes.

    Olivia on
  • Hey tiff, my names Jan and I’ve been watching you since I was eight. You have by far been my favorite youtuber to watch and really made an impact on my taste in games! I love watching you play Minecraft because you always decorated so cute 💕 I remember when I was like 10 you were doing your Minecraft oasis series and I made my brother download ALL the mods you used, cause I loved the gameplay so much!! I’m not just saying these things because of the giveaway, there true trust me😂 anyways, I love your channel and keep doing what you love 💕

    Jan on

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