The Hunt For CUTE Villagers Pt. 4 in Animal Crossing

 Hey everyone!

It's DREAMIE HUNTING DAY! It doesn't come very often so I try to savor it as much as possible :)

If you missed it, Yuka has left Oasis Bay *Glee*

Due to tech issues, I didn't record the first island

Island #2 ... I met Mitzi!

 Island #3 is up next and we have ... Claudia, the cute tiger <3

 Numero 4 is ... GRAHAM, a cute hamster

 At #5, we have RODEO. Scary looking, kind of..

I'm losing count of the number but I met WHITNEY from the ANIMAL CROSSING MOVIE


Check out the full video to see who I invite to my island!

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  • Hi Cupquake, I know you’ll never read this but I just wanted to tell you how amazing you’re content is if you had a power it would be to brighten everyone’s day so no this isn’t some message about what you need to work on or etc. it’s note about you keep being the amazing person that you are! xoxo Elfina

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