Designing a PRIDE WEDDING reception in Animal Crossing New Horizons🌈

 Hey everyone!

It's time for us to do a Pride Wedding! I hope I have enough rainbow items!!

Hello love birds :)

 They actually want a RECEPTION, made primarily of pink and white (and some rainbows??)

Let's get started designing this Pride themed reception :)


 Pink flowers and as many starry garlands as I can muster!

I think I may need to organize and remove some clutter ...


The starry garland though!

It's coming along well <3

Rainbow vibes!

This will be their wedding cake :)

Mellow pride theme is looking nice. I'm starting to be happy with it!

Bewilderment and Glee for the bride and groom!

It's soooooo lovely!

Check out the full video below <3

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