Tetris Cookies

Hey Everyone! As some of you may remember, I made some Tetris Magnets for a DIY GG episode a while back. Recently, a friend showed me a link of how a particular set of Tetris cookies were made so here we are!

Let’s get started!

First thing we’re gonna do is roll out some sugar cookie dough

 Let’s grab a clean ruler (preferable) or a knife and score our dough. Make a mark every quarter inch.

Now (lightly) form a grid with your knife by following the lines you scored.

Now take some actual tetris pieces (seven total) and start cutting them out of your grid. Proceed to bake after this step.

Let’s start icing our pieces. Begin with the outside and then fill in. Use a tooth pick to spread

Add some white sugar balls at the top corners of each cookie to make them seem like they are shining

Let them dry for a couple hours or overnight (until dry) and then use an edible marker to draw in our pixel lines

All Done!

There you have it! These Tetris cookies came out great! If you decide to try this QnB, tweet me an image at @ihascupquake !

Thanks for watching

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