Adventure Time Wall Art

Hey Everyone! I really wanted to make something Adventure Time related and since my brother’s birthday is right around the corner (plus he loves the show), I decided to make some Finn Wall Art!

You’ll need our little wooden cubes (1/2-inch, I’ll post a link in the description for where to buy it)

For this DIY GG, you’re only going to be needing black and white acrylic paint. We’ll be painting 83 black cubes and 47 white cubes, top side only

Mix a light gray and paint 17 cubes this shade.

For Finn’s skin color, we’ll be using the color of the bare wood. You will need 46 cubes

Make sure the painted cubes are dry and place down some wax paper before you start to glue.

I have a template that I followed for his face and I will post that in the video’s description for your convenience. If you don’t like this picture, feel free to choose another one and grid it out. Once you have glued all the pieces together, you can apply some varnish to add some sheen to it

I’m always impressed with the quality and look of wall art and this is no exception! Happy Birthday Antoes!

If you decide to try this DIY GG, I would love to see a picture! You can tweet me an image at @ihascupquake

Thanks for watching!

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