Super Mario Christmas Stocking

Hey Everyone! So I barely realized that Red and I don’t have a Christmas stocking, so I decided to make this Super Mario Christmas Stocking!

You’ll need:

Four different colors of felts/fabrics (red, white, two shades of green)

Draw a circle with a piece cut out on your red fabric. Fold it over so that when we cut it, we get two pieces

Draw, fold and cut out a heart shape for the Piranha’s mouth

Cut out some white squares and sew them onto our red fabric

Let’s sew around the edges of the Piranha’s lips with black thread. This simulates the black outline the Piranha actually has in the game. After you sew it (be sure to leave about an inch opening), stuff batting inside to give it some dimensionality. Stitch up the inch after stuffing

Sew the red part of the Piranha using the same black thread and add batting also

Proceed to sew the two parts together

Sew a stem in the same fashion. Add batting also. Afterwards, sew the stem to the head/body

Let’s start on the pipe. I purposely didn’t make it into a stocking shape but you can change this. Cut a 3 inch rectangle and some pixelated squares/texture.

Sew the top portion with the bottom portion with black thread.

Sew the plant with the stocking and optionally adding batting to the top portion.

And lastly, let’s add our lace that holds up our stocking!

I’m really happy the way these came out! I’m thinking of making some more of these for friends and family!

As always, if you decide to try this DIY GG, I would love to see pictures of it! You can tweet me some images to @ihascupquake

Thanks for watching!

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