Rubiks Cube Cake – QnB

Hey Everyone! For this Quake N Bake, we’ll be making a Rubiks Cube Cake! I’m a really big Rubiks Cube Fan so I thought it’d be awesome to make a cake counterpart! Let’s get started!

It’s going to be a 3-layer cake so I used two boxes of premade white cake mix (It actually makes 4 layers but we can save one for later to make cake pops)

Let’s lay down the first layer on some tin foil and slice a portion of the top off (Do this for all 3 layers – it makes it easier to stack)

Now ice the tops of each layer and ice the sides of the whole cake

Let’s roll out our fondant. We’re going to need several colors – black is the hardest to make so I bought Satin Ice, a premade black fondant (link in the descrip.)

We’re doing Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and White (Sorry Yellow!) fondant

Take out a cookie sheet and pour some powdered sugar on it. Then begin rolling out your black fondant, careful to turn over every couple of rolls so it doesn’t stick

Transfer your fondant onto your rolling pin and drape over your cake slowly and smooth out

Let’s start making and rolling out our other fondant. We’re going to be using a medium sized square cookie cutter to make 9 pieces for each color

Begin placing the squares, as evenly as possible using icing as your adhesive

Do the same thing to every color. With a clean brush, you can clean off any extra powdered sugar. You can also brush some vodka (those of age!) on the black to make it stand out more.


We’re all done! I hope you enjoyed watching me make a object I adore! As always, if you decide to try this tweet me an image at @ihascupquake

Thanks for watching!

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