Minecraft Oasis Awakening

It's finally time... After 4 years, Minecraft Oasis is returning for Season 3!! I'm absolutely excited to finally share this series with you. A lot of work went into creating this series that would live up to the Oasis name. Below is a list of Resource Packs and Mods that are include in Minecraft Oasis: Awakening.

But before the list, I'd like to specially send a heartfelt thank you to MCProHosting.com. They created the mod pack, server and made a custom mod!

Resource Packs:


BSL+v7.1.03.1 - https://bitslablab.com/   



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  • hi when your first series i was extremely excited for it and was even more exited when the second season came out when i saw the notification i almost cried i was/still am so happy and but i also have a question what version are you playing love samara <3

    samara on
  • What version of MC are you using now?

    picasso2k8 on
  • Do you have any idea how your setup is configured to get the shaders to work with Astral Sorcery? My hubby and I tried the exact same set of mods with the BSL shaders on and the sky glitches out; no clouds, no night sky, just white or gray with streaks of blue glitchiness. Read on reddit that others have had similar issues with shaders and Astral Sorcery since it changes the sky, when we removed Astral Sorcery the sky works fine. What’s your workaround?

    TheFatalLover on
  • I absolutely loved the first episode and im very excited to see where this season goes!

    Owen Wetzel on
  • What version of minecraft is this modpack in?

    Ben Ahlrichs on

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