Plumbob Sims Cookies

Hey Everyone! For today’s QnB, we’re going to be making some Plumbob Sims Cookies! These are easy to make and taste very good as well! Let’s get started

Let’s start by preparing our sugar cookie dough which will serve as the basis of our plumbobs. Roll out your sugar cookie dough on flour

Next you’ll want to cut out two triangles using a triangle cookie cutter (or use one diamond cookie cutter)

Place your two triangles on top of parchment paper and the cookie sheet and proceed to merge both triangles together with your finger so it forms the plumbob

Do this for as many cookies you want to make and then bake them in the oven

While you wait, let’s prepare two royal icing batches (both green, one thicker than the other. There is a link in the description on how to make it)

After it’s done making let’s start decorating them!

Start with outlining the diamond with the thicker icing and fill the center with the thinner icing. Spread with a butter knife or toothpick

Place the cookies inside the oven to harden for about one hour (the oven should be off)

Get some darker green icing and start outlining the plumbob

Make the inner lines of the plumbob using the dark green icing, like pictured below

Now for our final step, add some white icing so the plumbob looks like it’s shining!


We’re all done! I only did the green plumbob because that’s the mood I love to be in! Plus it’s my birthday!

If you decide to try this, tweet me an image @ihascupquake

Thanks for watching!

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