8-bit Wall Art Toilet Paper Roll Fez

Hey Everyone! Today we’re going to be making a Fez head out of toilet paper rolls! This is an inexpensive way to make wall art Let’s get started

You’re going to need:

Toilet paper rolls (21 total)

White spray paint (or standard white paint – but the spray is faster)

Black acrylic paint

Red, yellow and white paint w/ one or more paint brushes

And some tacky glue

The first thing you’re going to do is spray paint all of our rolls white. After paint two black squares on two rolls for Fez’s eyes

We’re going to glue all the rolls together now and paint the rolls afterwards. You can paint the eyes after you glue, if you wish

There is seven rolls in total: 2 for the Fez hat, 5 for his face

For the Fez hat, cut out a portion to get the right shape

Glue it to the rest

While it is drying, we can paint Fez!

Let’s start with his mouth. It is a T shape so proceed to paint it black (you can draw out Fez’s features beforehand with a pencil). Paint a pink L for his tongue

Start painting the Fez hat red along with the yellow tassel

Glue the hat with the rest of the rolls

We’re going to paint some gray along the edge of Gomez to add some dimension to our wall art

For our last step, let’s glue a bottle cap to the back so we can hang it!

We’re all done! These came out pretty amazing with inexpensive raw material!

If you decide to try this tweet me an image at @ihascupquake I would love to see it!!

Thanks for watching

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