Our Plushy Creation!

Hi, everyone! I still can’t believe that Red and I have been working on our exciting plushy project for the last SIX months, and the time to introduce them to you all is finally here! It was definitely hard keeping them top secret for this long, but we are so excited to officially share the surprise and final product. We had such a blast collaborating on these together, and I thought it would be fun to show the whole process and backstory of how we made our little plushy dream come to life!

First, I sketched up my ideas on how I wanted the Cupquake and Red plushies to look. I wanted our characters to look extra chibi and cute! It was a challenge since their heads were going to be so big and square!

Mario then took my sketches into illustrator, cleaned up the lines and added color. Next, he rendered the characters from all angles so we could see how the character would look 3 dimensional (so the factory could turn it into an actual 3D product).

At first, we thought it would be really sweet to have the plushies connected through velcro or magnets so they would always be holding hands, but since the little plushies’ hands are so tiny, it just wasn’t able to work this time. We even tossed around the idea of adding velcro to their headsets so they can stick together forever and ever (just like the real Cupquake and Red)! We might actually be able to incorporate that cute idea into a future project, so stay tuned!

We are over the moon about these new plushies, and we hope that you love and enjoy having them in your home just as much as we do! These are definitely made with love and we hope to bring you more fun projects in the future!

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