🎃🔴 LIVE: Trying Tik Tok Halloween DIYs - Happy Crafting

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Join Cupquake on September 3rd at 2pm PST for a Halloween themed Happy Crafting! Follow along as she recreates some of her and YOUR favorite Tik Tok Halloween DIY's.

Can't make it to the live stream? Don't worry! She will keep her live as a VOD for your to follow along and will also be featuring some of your creations in her Youtube video!

The first DIY will be making is ... Protection Wreath DIY!

Need a new wreath for this spooky season? Customize your very own crescent protection wreath and hang it on your door! Choose a variety of flowers, moss, chains and crystals to decorate your wreath. Here are a list of items you will need (along with affiliate links). Feel free to get creative and use whatever materials are calling to you!

Material list:

GrapeVine Wreath


Floral Wire

Flowers and Leaves





Hemp cord


Inspired by this Tiktok and this one :)

Our second DIY ... is none another, than a Pumpkin Planter!

Level up your Halloween decor with these easy and cheap Pumpkin Planters! Customize these pumpkins to whatever color you like! Below are a list of items you will need but feel free to grab specific flowers you love! IF you are using spray paint make sure to prep them and spray them before the stream!

Material list:

3 Plastic Pumpkins (Note: They also have these at the 99 Cent Stores)


White Primer Paint

Rose Gold Metalic paint

Shimmer Paint

Hot Glue

Black Paint


Fake flowers

Inspired by this Tiktok

And finally, our 3rd DIY is .. Glowing Butterfly Skulls!

Add a little bit of whimsy to you Halloween decor! In this tutorial we will be creating butterfly skulls and painting them with glow in the dark paint! You can use them as planters, propagation stations, or even decorate them with fake flowers! IF you are using spray paint make sure to prep them and spray them before the stream!

Material list:

Glow in the dark paint

Plastic skeleton Head - 99c store

knife / Blade

Butterfly Wing DIY



Spray Adhesive

Tacky Glue or Hot glue


65lb Cardstock

Pastel 65lb cardstock

Inspired by this Tiktok



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