GREEK 5 Star Island Tour (900 Hours) in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey everyone! Today we'll be taking a look at Gary's Greek 5 Star Island!

Look at this entrance!

 Gary was gracious enough to give me a few presents :) Among them were a Moon, Mom's plushie, crescent moon chair and a Mush lamp

Gary walked me to his hotel, which is soo beautiful

Gary checked me in!

 The bug room is so relaxing. Love the effort put into it! The lady bug rug is a nice touch

The ocean room is jam packed with so much sea goodness

The fossil themed room is so cool. This hotel with themed rooms is unliked anything I've seen :)

My stay came with a complimentary spa package

I love the Fratboy room. The little bar area is decorated so nicely

Gary has a cake shop and live music area

We took a quick little break by the beach

He gave me a tour of his butterfly garden <3

Amazed at this triceratops

The space area/blather's study area is amazing

To see more of Gary's Island, check out the video below!

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