Creating a Beach BOARDWALK in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey everyone! Today, we'll be creating a super awesome Beach Boardwalk in ACNH! Let's get started :)

I want to do a little boardwalk and I want to have like little shops and stuff to make it super cute and summer-y

Let's head over to the store and check out their clothes see if we can get any more summer outfit and sandals or anything. I'm thinking look at you know maybe I should wear water shoes


I Hit the motherlode of Boardwalk designs -- this is awesome!

This is exciting because I don't have to do the hard work I'm just like I get to just desire let's go let's lay it down

I'm going to put I'm going to replace the Moon they're still good okay wait let's just go let's just go put down the one that we got behold it looks or a little Boardwalk I'm excited about this here we go.

That's not what I wanted it how's that looks against the pink I mean against the sand. Let's do a whole lot  so we could see oh my God it's already looking so cute so here is what we have so far for a little Boardwalk. I don't know what I'm going to do about it but it looks really cute I think it looks super cute see if I can pull it off with the Winston turns that it has maybe I could put something there to kind of hover that we'll see if this is the middle of the road that I'm doing is the middle maybe it does become too you know like maybe it becomes thinner in certain areas but I could see it being too right here and then widening back up she's already walking on the boardwalk she loves it okay I'm going to decorate it would be cute if I put some little sparkles on the sounds like little magical.

I wanted to wear my bathing suit bathing suit and I'm pretty sure I could put pretty sure I can put things on top of them the design delicious spread all these out Halo put something on top of that what's the now I think I want to decorate with some trees and stuff this area right here was going to be like where the stores and stuff just because you can't really see the Stalls from like going up this way so I wanted to put more like stuff for like Google on the thighs but the Stalls with the likes of cohere that's all I can do for now what we're going to do this part because all those items we have so many things to do today and then I'm going to empty out my inventory will continue

I have so many mosquitoes I'm just going to put the what are you doing are you thank you cutie patootie what's the news for everything the teacup ride fortune cookie so let's put some stalls down when you first come here I think I want to put a little scuba diving gear thing right here so I want to put salt and then we'll put a little metal gear on the side kind of get the idea and then maybe I could put like the other one that I have over here it's not really my fav does the first time I had the horizontal one you can barely see if you can still see it if I don't play anything up here in another let's do another spell right here 

Let's hula girl and this is a good one because it covers the edge of the boardwalk here I'm going to put the anchor right here cuz I feel like it's it's a cool little entrance piece or you know what let's use it to cover up since it has a big bass I'm going to use it to cover up this morning right that is so cute very very very cute I love that should I bring it in one put it right there you can find it so you can see the wetsuit a little bit better.

I ordered those we could frame it. Push it right into the right onto the edge right here we could cover up some of that sand that looks pretty good I want to get a different color one this is the only one that I have but I seen some other colored ones all that is so cute customized I don't know if I customize these dolls what the heck is that oh my goodness when you go where to go it was a little green bug I seen its little green booties what is that oh my God that's so pretty I don't even know if I want to keep the octopus all of the same one let's do a different one you know I will keep it the same it'll be the same store okay nevermind just one of these a little fish fish market okay and then maybe I could put some fish I have lobster should I lease space to walk back there or should I just put in palm trees back there oh that's actually perfect let's put this freezer what's with this freezer right here and then I wonder if I could.

And put the fish on top of them will you get actually open it should I change my let's see what we got here popcorn machine as I'm looking for plants right now menu you want the menu what's on the menu for the fish I think I'm going to put a palm-like here are the Leslie all the sound let's get at least some palm trees in here it'll make it feel more lively trying to get in a good spot oh I forgot I had food oh well I have a lot of pink and orange I have borne I don't know if orange would look nice though.

Check out the video below to see more! <3

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