Domo Lamp

Hey Everyone! I recently got a request to do a DIY GG made entirely out of household items so my guinea pig? A Domo Lamp!

Let’s begin by acquiring a milk carton. Make sure you rinse it out and dry it out before you begin.

Now draw and cut out a rectangle out of the carton. Use a ruler to be exact. An exacto knife or even a box cutter will do. Be careful while doing this. If you are not 18, have adult supervision. This is going to be Domo’s mouth. Be sure to save the piece you cut out, we’ll need it later

Let’s paint the carton brown

While you wait for the paint to dry, let’s begin drawing Domo’s mouth. Then cut it out. It should look something like this

Use the cap of a chapstick container as a stencil. Push it in and fill in with a sharpie

Paint the inside of the carton with red acrylic paint. If you so desire, go over the eyes with black acrylic paint to make it more opaque.

With a fine tipped paintbrush, light dot the white of his eyes. Next, glue in the teeth using glue. Place on the inner portion

Put in some lights through the cap area

These came out soooo COOL! And out of only household items! If you decide to try this, be sure to tweet me an image at @ihascupquake !

Thanks for watching

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