Creator of the Week: Wifey

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I stream on Twitch a couple of days a week and I usually raid someone (send all my viewers to a new streamer) in the gaming/art space afterward. I finished a streaming session a couple of days ago and raided Wifey! Wifey contacted me and offered some coloring pages for each and every one of you :)
Wifey has amazing illustration skills; He actually compiled and made a coloring book from his hand-drawn illustrations! He's working on a brand new one titled, "You've Cat To Be Kitten Me!"
The pages include: these specially made bunny cupcakes just for us (the viewers after I raided him), a cat from his upcoming new book and a pangolin!
Download the high-quality pages here!
What to know more? Follow Wifey on social media!
My Twitter - @YfeMeansWifey
Wifey's first coloring book -
<3 Tiffy

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  • Can’t find anything on him too. I remembered watching his streams back then and now I can’t find anything on him. I wonder what happened?

    throwaaway292929t on
  • Same. Wonder what happened?

    throwaaway292929t on
  • YfeMeansWifey seems to have disappeared. can’t find his channel or any trace of him hardly.

    Allowishis on
  • love all this haha love love love smiley face ahh

    celine on

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