Getting a 5 STAR ISLAND in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey SweetHearts!
 I got a 5 STAR ISLAND! I've done a ton of work on my island so it just happened naturally :)
I wasn't happy with my paths so I made my own custom stone path!
I also updated our little garden center ... Isn't it looking cute?!
My sugar daddy (aka Red) made me this sweet Lily Flower Record player. It's soo cool
I'm so hyped for this MOON! Red gave it to me as well and it looks even better at night
Since I've figured out my theme for Oasis Bay, I've started adding "magical" elements to my mystical island ... The entrance is coming along :)
This is pretty much a little luau party lol
I've also changed the shape of the lake ... I call it Crescent Lake now :D
 Olive came to visit ... She's cute but not on the list heh
Check out the video below to see more <3

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