Able Sister & Designing Complete Guide in Animal Crossing New Horizons

I'm going to walk you through unlocking Able Sister and Pro Design today!

Firstly, you'll need Mabel to visit! How exactly do we do this?

1) You must upgrade your tent to a house! This is done by collecting various resources around town like using the trick to receive more iron from rocks, catching bugs, selling shells, etc.

But don't donate all your items! You'll need Blathers to build a museum. Give 5 creatures to Tom Nook. Tom will give you a tent kit to put down so Blathers can come down (he's the cute little owl).

Once you place down the tent, Blathers will visit! You'll want to give him 15 creatures to begin building the museum. One trick I used to speed up this process and save inventory space is place the creatures outside Blathers' tent. 

By the time Blathers comes, you can just donate creatures! It will take another day to have him build the museum.

While you're collecting resources, you'll need to donate some to Timmy who stays at the Resident Services Tent. Donate 30 of each type of wood (Hard wood, soft wood and regular wood). Use a stone axe or flimsy axe as they won't chop down the tree.

You'll also need to donate 30 iron nuggets. This takes a bit more time but you can speed it up by hitting your rocks with an iron shovel. But before that make two holes (one in front of you and one to the side), jump twice in between the holes and clear the space around the rock (since any flower or other object will inhibit an iron nugget of falling there. Hit the rock 8 times to collect the 8 items.

4 rocks spawn every day that are ready to be hit but you can also use your Nook Miles to go to another island and hit more rocks!

Once you have donated all your resources, you'll receive a building kit for the Nook's cranny (Upgraded store) and wait a day until it's built.

You should now have your house, museum and Nook's Cranny and Mabel should be showing up randomly at your Resident Services Plaza.

Once she shows up, you'll need some bells! She needs to know business is booming on the island so you'll need to either purchase 5 different items worth about 5,000 bells. It took two visits from Mabel until she decided to build a store on the third visit!

She will give you a kit and you'll see the Able Sisters store wherever you put the kit down!

Using your Nook Miles, you'll want to purchase the Custom Design Pro Editor at the Nook Link! It's 800 miles to buy. I got this as soon as I could so be sure to gather as many miles early on as possible.

The Nook+ Miles allows you to collect Miles by doing various tasks around the island.

The Custom Design Pro Editor allows you to customize different clothing items and make your own designs :)

Some tips and tricks once your store is open:

- Check in everyday! You'll see new items on a daily basis and even more options in the dressing room.

- Display your designs! There are racks at the back of the store where you can hang up your custom designs. It's awesome seeing your designs every time you walk in the store :)

- Talk to Sable everyday! At first, she's standoffish but trust me, she's only shy. After you start making an effort to talk to her, the sisters will let you in on their background story. Also, talking to Sable will help you to unlock Patterns (which means more cute clothes for me to customize)

- Upload your designs at the kiosk. You do have to have a Nintendo Switch Online account (which does cost money, about $5/mo) but it's so cool to see others wearing your designs! Walk to the kiosk to upload and see more designs using a design or creator ID.

Checkout the complete video below!

<3 Tiffy

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