The Sakura Collection is Here!


The pink and white petals dance through the air while I walk through a park in Kyoto, Japan. The sound of children laughing and families spending memorable times together.   The warmth of the sun lights up a beautiful blue sky where the petals float and sparkle like confetti….a celebration of life…  

There is magic in the air.  
I feel my spirits lift as I soak it all in.  
These are the moments we all live for. A moment of clarity, inspiration…peace…  
even only if for a fleeting moment.    

I am beyond excited to share with you all a collection that means so much to my heart! After many visits to Japan I knew I had to create a line that encapsulates the feelings of inspiration I had from the beautiful Sakura trees and the Japanese culture.    

My hopes are to evoke those feelings I had during my visits. To transport you underneath the Sakura trees…and share with you all a fleeting moment in time.
💕 Tiffy

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