Holy sh*t I'm launching a clothing line!

Like seriously...WOW...I never thought I would speak those words! I mean...I knew I loved clothing and expression but man...did I just take the plunge!

Growing up I remember hearing "you can pull off any style" or "I wish I could pull that off" & I always thought to myself...YOU CAN! All it takes is a little courage, a little more of getting to know yourself & a little less giving a F*CK! And boy does it feel great!

One way I love to express myself is through fashion; dressing myself based on how I feel or my mood.

It's so empowering to feel a certain way, own up to it & recognize it, than say it proudly & loudly to the world! Its seriously therapeutic. Which is one of the reasons why I decided to create Moody Me.

After a mental health scare...I learned the power of being true to oneself. Enough hiding behind smiles & laughter. If I feel a certain way, it is best to be true to myself & embrace the real me. Even if it's scary, unpleasant or sad. All of these emotions & moods are part of what makes me special. Part of what makes me stronger.

I found happiness designing clothing—knowing these pieces will be displayed on someone's body & make them feel a certain way; that they will gain confidence in themselves & that these pieces will be portrayed differently by each individual who wears them, based on their mood.

That these pieces can evoke such emotion, power & belief in oneself & help them realize how beautiful & unique they really are...to me...that is art...that is Moody Me.

This will be a long journey of growing & learning for me & I am so excited you are here. Thank you... for any support you have given me. For believing in me & pushing me to be the best version of myself. I can only hope that through this clothing brand, I can do the same for you & give you the confidence, courage & support to follow your dreams.

❤ Tiffy

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