Tokyo Takeover Part 1: Owls & Monkeys!

Now that Red and I are back home and all settled from a full two weeks in Tokyo, I thought holding a “Tokyo Takeover” for the rest of April would be fun! Out of everything we did, spending time with beautiful owls and wild monkeys was definitely one of our favorite experiences.

We went to an actual owl cafe (I still can’t believe that’s a real thing)! When we took the elevator up to the fourth floor, the doors opened and we were tossed right into the owls’ natural habitat. The walls and ceilings were completely covered with leaves and flowers, and the atmosphere was dark. It was definitely a sight to see, and I bet the owls felt right at home there.


One drink was included with the experience, which we thought was nice, and we were able to walk around a big room that had owls from all types of different countries lined up, just waiting to be seen. We were allowed to pet and hold some (while wearing a big glove for safety), and one owl from Costa Rica was pretty grouchy, so we didn’t touch him!

I really love being able to say that my first time seeing an owl in person was in Tokyo!

Moving onto the monkeys! After hiking 30 minutes to the very top of a mountain (it was a little tiring), we made it to a park where monkeys freely roam! That made the hike totally worth it. We were given a brochure early on that had a ton of do’s and don’ts to make sure we didn’t agitate the monkeys, which included — absolutely no eye contact, no feeding, no crouching down, and no pointing our cameras at them.

There was one monkey in particular who was acting out and it made me a little nervous, but luckily there was someone overseeing the monkeys to make sure they didn’t attack anyone. The monkeys who WERE behaving were following around the male of the bunch, and it was so sweet to see a little baby monkey attached to its mommy! The other monkeys were just relaxing by sleeping or cleaning each other.

Before we left, we went to a shack that was selling apples and peanuts, which we used to feed some monkeys through a fence made of chicken wire. That was my first time feeding a monkey, and it was so fun! We totally heard them fart once or twice too! LOL!


I hope you enjoyed this first batch of pictures from our trip. Many more to come!!

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