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Last week at E3, I had the opportunity to interview a TOTAL legend in the video game industry. If you know about Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda (of course you do!) then you must know about Mr. Miyamoto. Nintendo would NOT be the same without him, because he helped produce and create those characters and games! I […]

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We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our favorite games from 2015 with you guys. After researching upcoming game releases for 2016, we wanted to make a list of the ones we’re most excited for! From multiplayer madness or solo adventures to edge of your seat horror and thought-provoking mystery; every game listed is like a different ride […]

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Zelda Triforce Nail Thread Art

Hey Everyone! By request, today we’re doing something Zelda related! Specifically, we will be making a Triforce Nail Thread Art piece You’ll need a wooden board to begin this DIY (it should be fairly thick) Let’s start by painting the background green with some yellow, for slight variation in color (acrylics were used, but […]

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