Selling My Turnips for INSANE PROFITS in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey everyone!
I got this tip that Turnips were selling for 629! I was SHOOK! My friend told me about this island but I have no idea who this is lol. I need to put all the turnips into my inventory! It took a while but I finally made it to the island!
The island was called POON TOWN! Lol. The island was packed with everyone trying to sell their turnips.
 I had to check the price to make sure. 629. JACKPOT.
I've never seen Turnip prices this HIGH. It was a pain to leave the island since everyone was coming and going lol. Guess who made it to the island?! RED.
I asked Red to tip generously for me. 
Check out the full video below!

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