How To Take Amazing Photos in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey everyone!
Today, I'll be showing you how to take AMAZING PHOTOS in Animal Crossing! We'll be talking about composition, background/foreground and other factors in good photography. Disclaimer: I'm not a professional photographer.
So Al kept photobombing me so I decided to make him a part of my photo lol. He's so funny.
 I took this photo and brought it into Photoshop. I wanted more of a cotton candy sky. I decreased the reds and greens and increased the blues.
 So this really cute character named Harvey showed up who's an ARTISTE and asked me to visit his island to take photos so I did! It's so cool because you can set up the photo shoot with all the items you've collected. You have several rooms at your disposal as well :)
My first idea was to create a moody set with one of my favorite lamps, a flamingo and some plants!
I brought this photo into Photoshop and brighten/saturated up the colors to get this!
Next up, I wanted to take an artist photo in the art studio! I recommend always buying wallpapers from Saharah because you never know what kinds of cool and rare wallpapers you'll get! I love this cityscape one :)
I added the lamp I used at Harveys and another cherry blossom recipe lamp and it created a cool atmospheric vibe <3
The plants and the play between background/foreground items created this cool depth of field.
I brought it into photoshop to saturate some of the blues and brighten up some of the reds as well. I also lighten up my face!
Next, we headed towards my aquarium to take some shots! I'm wearing my cat beanie which, coupled with the awesome texture the water casts on the ground and the fish in the background, makes for an awesome shot!
After adjusting the curves and highlights, I got this photo with enhanced lighting!
To learn more tips, check out the full video below!

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