Minecraft TnT Christmas Ornament

Hey everyone! Christmas comes early this year! I asked our Facebook group if they would mind if we started our Christmas DIY GGs early and you guys gave me the green light

Our first Christmas DIY GG is a Minecraft Tnt Christmas Ornament

We’ll need several items:

A square ornament (available at virtually any arts and crafts store like Micheals)

A sharpie and a white elastic wrap (or equivalent)

Tacky glue for the white wrap

Black thread to hang our ornament!

Also, we’ll need some red, white, brown and black acrylic paint, paintbrush and pencil

After painting a primer on the ornament with gesso, we’ll apply a coat of red acrylic paint

Next, we’ll paint some vertical darker red stripes

Paint some gray squares on the top of our ornament

And finally, write TNT on our wrap and glue it on the center of the ornament

Yay! These came out awesome and would be a great addition to any tree

Be sure to tweet me an image at @ihascupquake if you try it!


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