Minecraft Base Invaders - Map Download

I'm excited to share Base Invaders! If you're unfamiliar with Base Invaders, 4 people create bases to hide skulls, while including puzzles, traps and more to hinder you before finding the skull!

LDShadowLady, Aphmau, Laurenzside and I had so much fun challenging each other in Minecraft. Want to try my base for yourself? Click on the link below!

Minecraft Base Invaders - bit.ly/iHC-Base-Invaders

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  • How to get on Minecraft

    Tensy on
  • How do I play this game?

    Tram Anh on
  • How do you play it?

    Lilly on
  • Omg I love Aphmau and you so flipping much

    Angel on
  • Hi

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