Ballora Cosplay - Five Night At Freddy's

Want to become Ballora? Want to sing, dance and twirl all day? Read on to see what you'll need! Follow along the video at the bottom to transform into Ballora :)

For this Cosplay, you'll need these two templates :)

Head Piece Template

Skirt Template

 Items you will need:

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate Links Below)

All these items were purchased at Joann's fabric Store

  • Heat N Bond Iron-on hem adhesive 
  • Blue Ribbon (1.5-in wide)
  • Craft foam - Blue
  • ¾ Yard Skirt Fabric - Magenta
  • ¼ yard Stretch fabric - Cobalt blue
  • Draw string to tie
  • 809 Pellon decor bond
  • Wire
  • Small gold Christmas ball
  • White Bias tape
  • Hair comb
  • Pearls
  • Velcro

And a hula hoop (I already owned one). 

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