May Day Maze Madness in Animal Crossing

 It's MAY DAY! I'm not sure what it's going to entail but I am EXCITED!
Isabelle says to expect a lot of fun :D
Isabelle also said we have a visitor on the island ... Wonder who it is?
But before we get to that ... Let me show you where I moved my library
Tom Nook questioned me about May Day ... What are we celebrating for May Day ???
It's the day we express gratitude for those who work hard
I had to change for my May Day trip. Most notable thing? Added a white lily flower to my hair :)
Btw, this was our visitor ... Not on the list.
The island we're visiting for May Day is a GIANT MAZE. This should be fun!
This ... is going to be tricky.
I got some wood while exploring the maze
Since my worn axe gave out after the first use, I crafted another one!
See the video below to enjoy more May Day Maze Madness!


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