iHasCupquake Stay Home Giveaway

Your time at home just got a little sweeter...🏠💗
iHC wants to make sure you're staying home, staying safe, and having some fun! 3 lovely winners will be chosen at random to receive 1 of the following prizes. Thank you, Nintendo for providing the codes for this giveaway!

IHC Stay at Home Giveaway 🏡💗

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  • Heyyy tiff I just want to say thank you for entertaining me over the years you have grown so much from when I first started watching you, the first video I saw was Minecraft oasis ep1 and now I’m like- “ she has improved so much throughout the years🥺🥺”. You Keep on improving everyday and I do miss your old series but I’m loving the new content- I haven’t gotten anything off of your website but I intend to soon once I find my wallet——- yikes, anyways thank you so much Tiffany love ya 🌸💕

    Kiki on
  • Thank you for keeping us entertained during this time!

    Moodykat on
  • The bunny overalls were toast adorable.

    Serena on
  • I’d be so down if I had a switch…honestly kinda unfair cuz my sister got a switch, lost it, got another one, and lost that one too…so I should have one by now but oh well

    Megan on
  • This is so cool, I’m happy you’re doing this! :)

    Hailey on

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