Self Care Spotlight - Daniel

Hi there internet friends! My name is Daniel Herrera and I'm a video editor here at iHC HQ. I hope that you are all doing well and keeping up with social distancing and staying safe at home. I am going to go through some of my self-care routine that keeps me focused and sane.

The first one on my list is water. It is super important for your body to have enough water throughout the day to be able to regulate body temperature and fight off illness. That's why I make sure to drink a glass of water when I first wake up. It gets me re-energized and ready for my day. To piggyback off good health, It’s important to have some sort of physical activity in your life. Running is something I do to make me feel better about myself physically and to clear my head mentally.

Music production is a creative outlet that I use to express how I am feeling. I come here to create original mixes, mash-ups (inter-stitching two tracks together that make sense musically), and DJ mixes. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years now and this is by far my biggest passion. Music has the power to heal and that is why I love music production. I want to create music that will be able to heal and help people through difficult times. My software of choice is called Ableton Live which is robust for live DJing. Ableton Live is currently extending its free trial to 90 days! If you want to give it a try, go download it!

Aside from these routines, caring for my son is my biggest joy. I am a new father and my son is 4 months old. I wish I could slow down time so I could cherish his newborn days just a bit longer. It is truly a blessing to have him in my life and I am amazed to see him discover new things and being able to recognize his favorite toys. Everyone, meet my son Julian.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog post! Take care and look out for your loved ones. 

-Daniel Herrera

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