How To Dress Like Animal Crossing Characters

 Hello SweetHearts!
Animal Crossing characters always have adorable outfits and I wanted to see if I could pull off these same looks! I chose 3 of my favorite villagers and interpret their outfits in human form. See the looks below :)
First up is Isabelle! Her outfits are always on point and I especially love the bell in her hair.
 For the skirt, I'm using one I already own from & Other Stories
 For the top, I'm using this white shirt from Motel. It's 10/10 because the sleeves are poofy and it'll go well together with the tight skirt.
 The green top is from a company called Cloud Ten
I chose these burgundy booties from Steve Madden for the shoes and gives the outfit a nice sophisticated look
For my hair, I'm wrapping it in a bun and using a choker to keep it in place
These cherry red earrings accentuate the outfit and Isabelle's look perfectly :) I bought these on a trip to Japan so sadly, I don't have the company that makes them :/
That completes my Isabelle look! I would go out like this in a heartbeat since it's so adorable. Grab a pen and notebook if desired to complete Isabelle's look!
Next up is ... Reese! It's a lot of pink but it works!
I'm starting off this look with a pair of black tights. The pink frilly top is from a company called Sugar Thrillz
I actually had to go out and find red overalls but the closest thing I could find were these from Lelis. I'm digging the torn look at the bottom that gives it a grungy feel.
For shoes, we're going with my favorite black leather DOC MARTINS :)
For my hair, I put it into two pigtails and added this white braided hairband from Dolls Kill
And finally, to pull this look together, I'm adding these fun pastel earrings I got from a craft fair! I don't remember the name of the brand but I'm sure you could find something similar on Etsy :)
The final look! I was a bit concerned I wasn't going to be able to pull this off but I think it's AWESOME.
Last but not least is ... ROSY. I love the colors she uses! Pinks and purples are my fav so I'll be having a lot of fun with this look
Starting off with this purple pleated skirt from my brand Moody Me
For the top, I chose this baby blue sweater from & Other Stories
We're going to wear this purple argyle sweater vest over the top. It's from Blue Ocean and I got it on Amazon. IT'S A DAD SWEATER.
I choose these glitter boots I got for my birthday. They're from Betsy Johnson and they glam up this outfit :)
I'm adding a necklace I got from a craft show and this purple braided hairband. The hairband is from & Other Stories
To tie this outfit together, I'm putting on this silver heart-shaped earrings!
And that's it! It's probably my least favorite because of the loose fitting vest
And that's it! Here are some comparison photos for all three looks :)
Check out the full video below :)

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