Things You Need To Know About Pro Designs in Animal Crossing

Hello SweetHearts!
This is my everything you need to know about Pro Designs in Animal Crossing Guide! Here you'll learn virtually everything you need to become a Pro Designer! Let's get started :)
Custom Designs can be accessed on your phone. In order to get started, you'll need to purchase Custom Pro Design Editor in the Nook Shop using Nook Miles. You'll have some pre-made item models available initially like sweaters, hats, etc.
First, select an empty Pro pattern and select 'change design'. Next, choose your article of clothing.
You'll have your color palette on top. Use the left and right triggers to change your color.
Hit 'X' to access your tool bar! There, you'll have access to many tools like 'change color palette' and more
If you click the 'change color' button, you'll be able to customize your color using the hue, brightness and vividness spectrum.
The pen tool has three different sizes. Click 'A' to choose that pen size and begin filling in pixels for your design :)
The line, circle, and rectangle tool function in a similar way, painting pixels in those shapes. Once chosen, hit 'A' and expand your shape to desired size.
 Use also have access to stamps. Options include: the heart, round and start stamps.
Use the right joystick to rotate your dress or another clothing article to see how it's coming along.
There are two fill tools: one is a normal 'fill' and the other is 'fill all'. Fill only fills in an enclosed area/shape whereas 'fill all' fills in the entire canvas.
The 'drag design' tool moves the design on your article of clothing but beware; it'll move EVERYTHING on the canvas :)
 This is just a small primer but for the full guide for EVERYTHING, check out the video below :) 

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