Design Ideas, Tips & Tricks in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey everyone!
So now that I've had some time to play Animal Crossing, I wanted to show you some design ideas, tips and tricks!
The first idea is using PANELS
 You can use them to partition spaces in outdoor spaces :)
 You can also use them as menus for cafes, restaurants and more
If you don't have access to panels, you can use paintings instead. In this instance, I used a painting as my menu
You can also use custom designs like my stained glass design on different items like lamps and other items!
Want to spruce up your beach? Make some sand art!
Another tip - You can use bookshelves to change facades on the outside of buildings!
Nugget made this cool tool organizer for your work place!
Morgan created cool doormats in front of some of the house entrances!
PlatinumRainfall actually made custom door mats for each of her villagers :)
Crow made this cute cat design and put it on a pillow; it looks like you actually have a cat sleeping on a pillow!
Here is another one using that idea but with a dog
These soot sprites make it seem like these creatures are actually carrying star fragments :D
Yvo created it!
To see more awesome and fun ideas, check out the full video below <3

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