Creating a Sim: Aquarius Speed Art + Wallpapers

We are continuing our brand new Create a Sim series! In this series, I create a Sim for each of the astrological zodiac signs — with today’s focus on Aquarius! I’m learning a lot about the zodiac signs through the watercolor series I’ve been painting on the Tiffyquake channel and so I decided to apply that to the creation of new Sims!

Check out the speed art video download the desktop background as well!

Desktop & Background Images:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6s Plus


Miina Hiros
May 22, 2018 at 12:46

Hi, I’m Miina! I’m from Finland and I’m 13 years old! (turning 14 this summer :D) I LOVE your zodiac sims videos!! (and every vid) I would love to recreate them with some of the stuff you used, but I cant. I dont see all the things you used :(. It might be because most of them are selled out. I wish ou could try to fix the problem! And could you say also hi to Red and Ruby?
Thank You! xoxo

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