Clementine Makeup – Walking Dead Cosplay – Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today’s tutorial is a continuation of the Walking Dead cosplay I’m doing inspired by Clementine! Let’s get started on her make-up

You’ll need:

  • Glue stick
  • White Powder foundation
  • Popsicle stick
  • Urban Decay foundation
  • Stilla eyeliner
  • Matte Bronzer
  • Eye shadow
  • Mascara
  • Make up sponge
  • Wig and wig cap

Step 1: Start with a clean face! The first thing you’ll want to do is brush your eyebrows

Step 2: Apply some gluestick on your eyebrows. Let it dry and then proceed to add more glue with popsicle sticks on the inner part of your eyebrow

Step 3: Add some white powder foundation over your eyebrows with a brush. The key here is to try and blend the powder with your skin toneStep 4: Apply Urban Decay’s foundation over your face, chest and shoulders. Apply some over your inner eyebrows as well with a smaller brush

Step 5: Apply some Matte bronzer on your cheeks (I’m using Hoola by Benefit)Step 6: Apply some matte bronzer on the inner eyebrow to contour the brow/nose area. Also add bronzer under the nose and under the eyes

Step 7: Use Radiant touch to highlight the lightest parts of Clem’s face

Step 8: Use a makeup sponge to blend the highlighted areas well

Step 9: Using an angled brush and Anastasia’s powder, begin powdering your eyebrows.

Step 10: Use Stilla’s eyeliner on the outer edges of your eye lid to make your eye appear larger

Step 11: Add mascara and blush to your face

Step 12: For Clem’s lips, we’ll be using a flesh tone (Sephora’s ingenious)

Step 13: Using our eye shadow, darken Clem’s top lip

Step 14: Using Stilla’s eyeliner, add thin “illustration” lines that will help our makeup look more comic book like

Step 15: Add some Illustration lines around your tank top using body paint

Step 16: Lastly, you’ll want to add the wig cap and wig! Once you place the cap we made in the previous video, you’re all done!

Here’s our final results!

And here’s the vid if you prefer that

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