Beach Campsite MAKEOVER in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Hey everyone! Today we are giving ourselves a dreamy beach campsite makeover! I wanted to give my campsite villagers a nice place to relaxe so I thought the beach would be perfect!

I want some flowers at my campsite and make it more whimsical/fairy-like :)

Need to grab all the items I'll need! Some palms, a clothesline, flowers...

 We definitely need a beach-y table cloth :)

This is how my beach campsite currently looks like ... Needs some help!

It's time to put some sand down

Let's light a fire at our campsite :)

We placed down our Cacao tree and our log stakes to create a divider between the entrance and the rest of the area

I couldn't place my picnic set on top of the table so I guess this candle will have to do

 Every hammock needs two palm trees at its borders :)

The table is surely coming along <3 <3


It's time for trees and plants!

And flower time

 Really like how it's coming together :)

Some privacy near the shower area!

I still need to add the boardwalk but I LOVE WHERE IT'S GOING.

Check out the full video below !!!

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