Animal Crossing Custom Design Tips & Tricks

Hey there!
If you haven't been able to get Custom PRO Design Editor yet, today I'll be showing you some helpful tips and tricks you can you in Custom Design :)
You'll have access to Custom Design early on in the game and there are numerous default designs that you can use to your liking
The first design I created was the heart blush design! You can wear it on your face or display them as a painting, on a mannequin, etc.
This is a cute cloud design displayed using the mannequin option!
And here as a mat :)
This is other option I love that you can use; choose a custom design, select 'Spread in Room' and then choose 'Wall, as is' to display a design as wallpaper
Next, we'll be going over the 'Customizable phone case kit'! You can purchase it in the Nook Shop using Nook Miles
You use this to customize your phone :) The first design I made here is our Unicorn phone case we carry in our store. The only bad part is it displays a green leaf on the back of the phone
You can display custom designs on the floor outside like so:
Next, I'll create a cool custom designed beach towel! I created some stripes to make this nice blue and white beach towel. Time to display it on the beach!
To see how I created a star fish and more, check out the video below :)

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