3 Cute Apps

You guys know I’m always on the lookout for fun new games to play. I went on the hunt for some new apps and boy did I find some cute games! Today I played: Clawbert, Fluffy Jump, & My Ice Cream Truck!

Clawbert is an adorable game that takes on all the fun of a claw machine. You play as Clawbert (the claw) and you help him collect friends, which are ALL of the cute egg prizes inside the machine.

Fluffy Jump is a game that challenges you to progress upward by jumping on platforms that move at different intervals. As you progress you collect coins, hatch eggs, and unlock new animals!

In My Ice Cream Truck you serve customers ice cream combinations of their preference while trying to keep all your ingredients in stock. The ice cream orders get more complicated and eventually you can upgrade your truck to sell milkshakes!

I had a lot of fun playing these games! These types of games can be fun if you play them competitively or just to pass time. Check them out where they are available and let me know if you have a favorite app game!



July 25, 2018 at 18:58


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