Our New Intro!

By now hopefully, you have all seen our adorable new intro! We had the pleasure of working with artist Truck Torrence aka 100% Soft. With vibrant colors and kawaii characters, Truck creates quirky images and GIF’s that can be found here.


We fell in love with Truck’s art style about 2 years ago when we discovered his booth at DesignerCon. His style really resonated with our brand so it was in the stars that we would create something together! An intro seemed like the obvious answer since we haven’t updated ours in a minute.

Cupquake was transformed into the world of 100% soft! We toyed around with a few different ideas but the idea of Cupquake floating on a donut, inside a cupcake shaped pool, while zoomed out lives on a cupcake shaped world in a sugary sweet galaxy… really stuck!

Be sure to check out more of Truck’s work and let him know how much you love the intro he created for us!

IG: @100soft