Time Goes By So Fast

September is here. Which means fall is coming. Which means we’re getting closer to the holidays and the end of the year when we typically reflect on things that are important to us and what we’ve accomplished in the past year.

Growing up I always heard grownups say, “time goes by so fast,” and I always thought they were a little crazy for thinking so. Because it was so obvious to us kids that time wasn’t moving any faster today than it was yesterday. But as you get older you start to realize exactly what those grownups are talking about. Time goes by so fast.

With each passing season, every wedding, each birthday, every Halloween, each year feels more condensed and the time lapse between annual events seems shorter and shorter.

All this means is that we need to slow ourselves down. Take some time every day to pause and breathe and relish in the everything that makes that moment in that day unique. Sure, time is passing, time is fleeting but that should not effect our ability to enjoy every second for what they are worth.

Let’s let this month be a month of slowing down. Completely. Stop and look at the view, take the longer route to work, give yourself time in the morning so you’re not rushing, stay outside five minutes longer, chew your food slower, find a bench in a park you’ve never sat in, read a book, hug your friends for three seconds longer than normal, go for a walk, walk don’t run, ask one more question before hanging up, take more deep breaths, relax.

There are so many ways in which we could allow ourselves more time. Let’s do that.


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