The Hunt For CUTE Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 We have some unfinished business. I need some more villagers on my island! And they have to be cute heh
Octavian has already moved it but I need to make more room! I'm getting plots of land but I also have to ignored 2 villagers to make room for the cuties on my wish list. Can you guess which 2 are first?!
 Why is he angry ALL THE TIME. And 2nd up is ...
 Chiefly because ... I don't like his interior decor!
Look who wants to talk now! I feel bad ignoring him ... :/
 I have 5 tickets. Let's see who I meet! First up! Hahahha. He's not on my list.
Blanche is CUUUUTE.
 At least I got a cutting board from her island
Next up ... ALLI! She's not on my list but we can take a picture ;)
Island 4 had this little guy lol. Sparro :D
Numero Cinco is ... A cow! ... Tipper?!
Let's take a BEAUTIFUL picture Tipper!
Check out the full video below!

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