Sometimes Mondays are just… AAARGH! Is it because weekends can be so fun and relaxing, then we have to come back to reality with a day that almost sounds exactly like mundane? (haha) We should find a way to reinvent Mondays and make them more fun!

Each week should really begin in a good place. I suppose that’s why hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #MindfulMonday, and #MeowMonday exist. (And of course #MCM, but we know who my MCM is!)

Mondays shouldn’t feel like GAME OVER, they should feel like a RESTART! Here’s to making Mondays a better way to start the week! If the first day of the week has you feeling the blues, take a deep breath (or a sip of coffee) and find something positive to focus on — like taking a nap.


Monday has us feeling like… GAME OVER #ihasgoodies #pingame

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