Love Signal Earring Giveaway!

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  • This is so cool! This is literally my FIRST time doing this type of thing. I doubt I’m going to get picked but it’s always good to try ya know. Anyways, love ya Tiffy and good luck everyone!

    Mia Diaz on
  • I hope I’m a lucky winner !! 😬 my daughter who’s a senior this year just LOVES you!! She was just watching one of your YouTube videos last night and was commenting on how you have a lot of subscribers but not that many views and it made her sad. She thinks you’re pretty cool. Pick me 💜💗

    Renee Smith on
  • I am a really big fan.Its really sweet that you do giveaways to give back to your fans!

    Adamari Luna on
  • Your wifi earrings are my favorite, thank you for the chance to win a pair!

    Alexis on
  • Trying to win a gift for my 12 year old daughter named Sophia. Really, it’s not for me. Lol

    Eddy Miller on

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