I Played Animal Crossing For 12 HOURS STRAIGHT

 I played Animal Crossing for 12 hours straight!

I dressed up like Isabelle and thoroughly enjoyed the game's new music! It felt warm and nostalgic even though it was a brand new soundtrack. To say I was excited would be an understatement :)

The first hour, I created my adorable character (seen below!)

In hour 2, I found myself crafting and exploring my cute new island. I also get acquainted with my first two villagers: Teddy and Phoebe!


In hour 3, I catch my first fish! It's a loach :)

Timmy buys a ton of stuff from me ... including pears. 4,060 bells? I'M RICH!

In hour 4, I collect a TON of Nook Miles! I also buy 8 Pop hairstyles but alas, I needed a mirror or vanity to change my hairstyle! I was a bit bummed :/ But not for long!

In hour 5, I shook trees! I got a ton of items like tree branches but I also encountered something else ... A wasp nest! My face was ... swollen to say the least.

I didn't have medicine so I had to walk around for a bit like that.

In hour 6, I started to do the mudane chores. I also changed into my awesome fire t-shirt!

I also caught a ton of fish :)

Hour 7 can be summarized into one word: FISH.

In hour 8, I finally get enough Nook Miles for Pro Design Editor! I make some cute merch we sell on our site.

In hour 9, I take a little break, stretch and talk to my cats. I also turn on the lights for my fishes. BLATHERS, hurry up and collect these fish!

In hour 10, I become delirious lol and mostly roam the island

In hour, 11 I ... collect a bit of TRASH.

The home stretch! In hour 12, I make some more of our adorable merch

I enjoy one of my favorite past times ... SHAKING TREES!

I was giddy at the end. Lol. I wish I had confetti!

Even after playing 12 hours, I played a lot more the next day. Haha.

Take a look at the video below :)


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