Beatrix Slime Rancher Cosplay

We all know by now how much I love Slime Rancher! The game is so cute that I already made DIY slime plushies. And now, because I think Beatrix is so adorable, I thought it would be awesome to dress up as her! So I wanted to sneak one more cosplay costume in before Halloween.

This costume took a lot of work but was totally worth it. The Slime Rancher gun is a hefty DIY project but the costume can exist without it. This cosplay is great for Halloween or for any comic or gaming convention. Check out the full DIY below and let me know what you think!


Vac Pack Gun Templates:
Small Ring, Large Ring,
Gun with Notch, Gun No Notch

1 – Liter bottle (no fancy shapes)
1 – water bottle (same shape through)
3 – 12×12 Eva foam mats (workout mats)
1 – small plastic bowl (same size or close to liter bottle bottom)
1 – small plastic cup
1 – 3 foot band of el tape
1 – can of black spray paint
1 – template for vac gun handle
1 – cutting mat
1 – Roll of thin blue painters tape (optional)
(Special coupon code for $8 off: Tiffy)

EVA Foam
Neon Blue Tape


Josh Lubliner
March 25, 2018 at 15:18

Hi. My daughter and I are trying to make the Slime Rancher Vac Gun from your video ( There are several templates linked from that page, including the Gun Handle With Notch, Gun Handle Without Notch, Large Ring and Small Ring. But the link to the template for the gun’s actual handle (the part you spray-paint black, not the orange part).

If you could add that template link to the page, that would be very helpful! Thanks!

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