Animal Crossing: NH - Bunny Day Collection

My new Animal Crossing: New Horizons clothing items are here :)
This first collection is inspired by Bunny Day! Scroll down to see the codes for these cute items and learn a little bit more about them <3
Design Profile code: MA-4003-1261-6093
Peep Beanie - Pastel design inspired by an Easter Egg. I added bunny peeps to the top ^-^
Carrot Beanie - Pastel Design inspired by an Easter Egg. Features carrots along with a flower vine
Gingham Egg Dress - Inspired by our iHC Gingham dress. Features a gingham pattern skirt with a bunny tail. Sleeves resemble Easter eggs :)
Bunny Overall Dress - Inspired by a bunny! Featuring heart shaped pockets and a carrot snack for later.

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  • The peep beanie is the best beanie ❤️

    Isaac Carr on
  • I love the carrot Bennie

    Tallulah kennedy on
  • The gingham dress is too adorable~ I also love pastels so the hats are my favorites

    SpecTalis on
  • The dress is my favourite personnly

    Lou Lou on
  • love the gingham egg dress! so cute!

    aalaynamariie on

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