About Moody Me

Your moods and emotions are part of what makes you special—wear your moods on your sleeve and know that you are a piece of art.
Moody Me was founded by Los Angeles artist Tiffy in 2017.  As lead designer, fashion has always been a form of expression she gravitated toward, so she set out to create a brand that reflects both her artistic background and a healthy outlook on one’s self.  Clothing that celebrates the pursuit and exercise of confidence and self expression. A community that supports one another and helps each other realize how beautiful and unique they really are. Art that evokes emotion, power, and belief in ourselves so that we can shine bright together.
Moody Me is a wearable bridge between the outside world and your inner disposition. A reminder that your mood is temporary and that it is okay to embrace and express the good, the bad, the you.  
It is also a brand that celebrates life and all creatures who live it. All of our clothing is vegan and cruelty free! Proudly made in Los Angeles, our clothing is ethically made with great attention to detail and quality. Your support helps create jobs in the USA. 
Moody Me is dedicated to self reflection and self care. A clothing line that encourages you to wear your mood on your sleeve. We want to donate a percentage of our proceeds to help bring more awareness to mental health, thus we are in the process of choosing a non-profit organization that fits our mission. 
Be Bold. Be Moody.